Friday, April 3, 2009

fly / flight of fancy

Sorry for all of the bird photos lately, but I was excited yesterday when I saw that I had captured this bluebird in flight - heading to the new bird house my dad built. There are 5 other bluebird houses, all mounted at the specified height on trees in the back yard (it is said that bluebird houses should be mounted 5 ft off the ground) and I think this one is higher than that, but I guess the new construction is appealing - no previous tenant's mess to contend with.
Next I'll try to capture the cardinals. They usually build in my azalea bushes. Did you know cardinals mate for life? / work still in progress

p.s. When I saw T's pic for today I chose the bluebird photo that I took yesterday to put with it, so I have to admit, it wasn't truly synchronicity this time. - L


Woman in a Window said...

Maybe not, but truly lovly nonthelesss. I just wrote two pieces on bluebirds on my back door. (2nd blog) They are poetry to me. They defy in their gorgeous colour. Thanks for this. What a great way to start Saturday!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot! I love all the bird pictures...never too many for me. The work in progress is lovely too.

Char said...

OH MY...just gorgeous - both shots

ELK said...

are you kidding?

those are both A M A Z I N G

you ladies have got this Song bird singing!

Gayle said...

Don't be sorry! Keep the birds coming. Your bluebird shot is amazing! I didn't know about cardinals mating for life, but my mom always said that if you see a female cardinal to look for the male. He is always nearby watching over her. So sweet.

T, can't wait to see the finished art!

Georgia B. said...

i did not know that about cardinals, but i am truly glad to have learned it, as they are my favorite bird. they hold a special meaning and significance for me. such a great shot—to capture that blue bird in flight!

and, what can i say about the work in progress other than, "WOW" and i think it is done. it is amazing!

Relyn said...

Leslye, What a great capture. I am dying, now, to see your yard. It must be a wonder.

Taylor - I gasped when I saw your project. OH! I do love paper art!


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