Monday, November 9, 2009

two rooms of her own

L - Nikon, T - Nikon
solo post - L

I was getting T's room ready for her visit and I noticed the light was so soft and wonderful - of course I went and got my camera. In her bedroom at home, the morning sun shines in brightly right behind her head - maybe that's why she was always good about getting up in the mornings - I very rarely had to go to her room to wake her. She's very organized about her schedules and what has to be done. Like this morning her dad was picking her up at 7 am in order for them to catch a plane to California. At 6:15 I awoke, worried that she wasn't getting up in time and I called to her. She said, "mom, I have a system". Oh OK. Her "system" - set the alarm for 15 minutes before time needed to get up so that she has time to slowly adjust while thinking about what she will wear, etc. then she gets up and moves about quietly with no, or low, lights on and she's ready before I even know she's up.
The day I cleaned her room, or the day after, she sent me this photo. (She must have been straightening up her room - leaving it clean while she's away in California. Good girl). I'm not sure if this is morning or afternoon sunlight but I think it's morning sun. This glorious light is one of the things she loves so much about her home away from home. And bright light must help, because she has an 8am class and I don't think she's missed one yet.


smith kaich jones said...

My God, but this made me CRY! I love the title - two rooms of one's own is a pretty wonderful thing - but it just hit me from somewhere that that 2nd room is AWAY and that did it. Tears.

Sniff, sniff, excuse me, but she's not even my daughter and I could just feel her leaving and dear me, I hope I don't make YOU cry. Lordy. I'm blaming it on hormones and the sad country song on tv, which, I swear, has Keith Urban saying Miss ya baby exactly as I type those words.


margie said...

i always love how you two are on the same page.

nadia said...

beautiful post!

thank you for the information on cavalia! i must go to one of the shows!!! incredible

S. Etole said...

the relationship with your daughter just keeps shining through ...

Gayle said...

I love the light in both of these images. So soft and pretty.

Jaime said...

Beautiful soft comforting light.
And is that a whale pillow on that bed? How adorable is that??


Relyn said...

I'm with Debi. I'm missing Taylor and I've never met her.

Thinking of you, sweet Momma.


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