Thursday, November 26, 2009

smile / OK

L - Nikon ........ T - Nikon (sign seen today at Spruill Art Center)

This morning my tea tag read "say it straight, simple and with a smile" How appropriate for this day. A simple "thank you" and a smile can mean so much don't you think?
my friend from school came to spend thanksgiving with my family and me. it's nice to be someone's solace, especially on a day like today.
this thanksgiving of course i'm not struggling to come up with things that i'm thankful for. i have an abundance. from personal things to things i'm sure we all appreciate – a good friend to confide in and a beautiful autumn day. i do, however, struggle everyday with making my appreciation known to those around me and that's something that i need to work on. so many people in my life have contributed to the person i am today, and to them i owe an extreme thanks. my mom who has been there for me through everything and supported my every decision and fed my creativity, my oma and opa and my grandparents who have taught me so much and given me such wisdom and guidance to ponder, my dad who has encouraged me every step of the way. my uncles and aunts, my best friends, my favorite teachers... at times i don't feel i'm a good enough person to be able to aptly reflect the influences of those close to me. other times, i feel like i'm just putting my own spin on life - an element that is completely and utterly necessary to individuality. i hope that you used this day to make your love and gratitude for your loved ones known [:


Gayle said...

Great tea tag message!

T, your gratitude is so beautifully written here.

ELK said...

oh this is really fantastic to see...i am glad you spent time with your friend

S. Etole said...

some of my favorite colors in that cup ... some of my favorite "gratitudes"

georgia b. said...

i love love love that sign! it's a framer shot for sure. would you sell that on your etsy site? if so, i would buy it! very very cool!

hope you both had a lovely thanksgiving. thanks for the positive messages in your post today!

Char said...

beautiful words from both of you. love the shots.

hope you had a wonderful holiday.

margie said...


SE'LAH... said...

most wonderful sign...and a great reminder.

Woman in a Window said...

GratiTude, with a capital T. Nice.

xo ladies


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