Wednesday, November 25, 2009


solo post - L

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul." ~Henry Ward Beecher

On this Thanksgiving eve I will lie in my warm bed, with my eyes closed tight, a kitty at my feet, and reflect back on the year at all the many things I have to be grateful for and say a prayer of thanksgiving to my Lord. Tomorrow blessings will be said, good food and conversation will be shared as we gather at the table with friends and family to eat our feasts of thanksgiving, there will be laughter and games, and then there will be goodbye hugs. Let's remember to keep a thankful heart not only tomorrow but throughout the year and to express our gratitude to those we love at every opportunity we get.
I want to take this opportunity, tonight, to tell you that I am grateful for the friendship we share and to wish you all a delightful Thanksgiving surrounded by love and filled with happiness.
good night.

(photo taken in spring of 2009)


Claire said...

L, this picure evokes a memory from my grandmother's home. It is the green and the hint of pink that take me back to her bathroom where the big green enamel, clothes' basket stood high atop a wooden box. Her bathroom always comforted me because she and my grandad would bath together every night and I would play with the cat in the lounge and listen to them talking and laughing together. So it really does take me back to a place filled with love.

I too am thankful for you.

S. Etole said...

We shared the same quote today ... appreciate coming here and the thoughts and photos that you share.

georgia b. said...

happy thanksgiving to you both. i hope it is warm and bright like the two of you.

Line said...

I love the new look, so fresh and happy thanksgiving to you, and your family!!

Char said...

hope you had a beautiful holiday filled with lots of love.

gorgeous redbud shot too


Gayle said...

I'm grateful for our our friendship, too! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

ELK said...

thankful for your words shared each time you visit my space ..

image is so stunning...the bloom contrasting the wood...amazing

traceyclark said...

this texture is intoxicating!

hey! you won a memolio book at Shutter Sisters...did you know??

email me!

Jewels said...

Yes, I love the texture on this pic!


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