Friday, November 13, 2009


solo post - L, Nikon

There are days I slip. I love chocolate. I always have. Growing up my mom would sometimes let me have chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Imagine that? I guess she figured that would be the only way I was going to get my calcium (I didn't like milk then and I 'm still not fond of it). After all a girl's just gotta have her chocolate – no matter what form it takes. But I do agree with you all who say eat the chocolate - it's good for you. My preference is for dark and I know it's good for you - honestly good for you. So yes, I try to eat "good" chocolate along with my raisins, but some days I slip and eat milk chocolate – that Halloween candy left over in employees candy jars.

“Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of those pieces” -Judith Viorst


S. Etole said...

Your quote reminds me of my mother ... she could, and did, do exactly that... I, on the other hand, practically inhale it ...

georgia b. said...

this photo is really neat. i'm a big chocolate lover too, L. i could eat it all day and never tire of it. i also prefer the darker chocolate.

funny enough, they say that dark chocolate every day is as good for your cholesterol as one lipitor a day. and i believe it. when i had my cholesterol checked for the first time a couple of years ago, the good cholesterol levels were off the charts high and the bad cholesterol levels were off the charts low. my nurse practitioner could hardly believe it! so i'm a believer! and it's a good thing, 'cause i do love chocolate.

next to chocolate... chocolate ice cream. oh, my. it's my biggest weakness. :)

Line said...

glad to see you do eat chocolate, ice cream in the morning what a lucky girl!!

David Fisher said...

I know you probably didn't technically use slip in the making of this mug but I was wondering if that was your intent with this title? Very clever. :-) I know now what Santa needs to put in YOUR stocking this year.

Claire said...

i can just picture you eating a bowl of chocoloate ice cream for breakfast, L : )

i prefer white chocolate and vanilla milkshakes and ice creams.

my dad had a big weakness for chocolate. he would eat a bar a day. he was always trying to hide the evidence away from my mom and i, but it would always appear in the most unexpected places and we would all have a good laugh.

smith kaich jones said...

First - what David Fisher said. I wondered the same thing.

2nd - KitKat bars on the corner of Michael's desk at work - I have to pass by several times a day and well. 'Nuff said.

:) Debi

RedorGrayart said...

this is a very comforting image ~ elk

Gayle said...

That quote is great! I'm not really a milk lover. My kids don't drink enough either. I never thought of ice cream for breakfast!

Christina said...

chocolate... yum. : )xo

Jewels said...

I LOVE chocolate too but I think I could only eat one piece :) Love that mug!

Char said...

a mom that let you have ice cream for breakfast!! that's way fantastic.

i wish i liked dark chocolate, i do - but i just don't.

Woman in a Window said...

I don't even try.
Never have.
Hope to never.
Please say I don't.

Slip more often, K.

Gorgeous mug. Did you throw that?


Jaime said...

It's good for you in more ways than just physically. Good for the soul too...especially on emotionally tough days. Chocotherapy. yum.

Relyn said...

Sigh. It strikes me that this photo could be titled a woman's pleasures.


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