Thursday, May 7, 2009

silver lining / velvet red

L - Nikon D60 / T- phone pic

I finished another project in metalsmithing and I'm pretty pleased with it. This ring came together without a lot of problems, however, not without some problems. Soldering is very tricky and there are many steps, so when I finally got it right I was very happy. It's hard to tell from this angle but the inside is a tiny concave silver dome soldered to a bigger convex copper dome - – creating an open heart. Those pieces were soldered to a flat silver disk and that is soldered to the ring band. I hammered the copper dome to give it texture in comparison to the smooth silver inside. For me there's a lot of symbolism in this design. This is a ring of optimism. / i wouldn't say this came together exactly as i had envisioned it, but it was received well in class and that always helps. the red velvet caused me some problems... coming apart at the seams. at that point i had a broken heart but i mended it. i know i could make a better one now. that's the way it happens isn't it? - we learn by our mistakes.

"All the knowledge I possess everyone can acquire, but my heart is all my own." -Goethe


Char said...

you both are just so creative. I love that ring - are you going to sale or are they all for personal use?

Gayle said...

You two are filled with wisdom and heart! Oh, and creativity, too!

elk said...

it is a joy to see your art work as a finished product even if it was not quite how you wanted it to turn out...a metaphor for life I am thinking

trupeach said...

what a wonderful pair of hearts ... the projects and the people behind them!

Claire said...

but my heart is all my own... you have both expressed your hearts in this post.

Chris said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Glad I found this place :)

Georgia B. said...

you made that ring???? it is so neat! what a beautiful creation! is there no limit to your talents? :)

both of you!

Woman in a Window said...

Two lovely women, two hearts full.

Relyn said...

That ring is just wonderful. Really beautiful!


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