Thursday, May 21, 2009

zest / spice

L - Nikon Sigma 30mm / T- Nikon Sigma 30mm

Fresh Squeezed color. Aren't these petunias cheerful? They're called Lemon Zest - the description on the container says they give the garden the freshly squeezed color of lemons; says they'll grow into a 3 ft wide mound. I planted 3 along the walkway. I hope they grow well – they just may become a favorite of mine. Do you have a new variety of flowers you're planting this season? / my friend adam took this photo of me today during our visit at starbucks (the usual meeting place). he was goofing off snapping photos of the people in the drive-thru staring at that box with the voice inside. the expressions on their faces... one lady downright angry looking. i think she caught him in the act. oops.
they're are so many friends i missed during the school year. it's been fun reconnecting with them. i love my friends.
i enjoy how each of my friends has something different to add to my life. aren't friends the spice of life?


Claire said...

petunias have such a special place in my memories. when calvin and i got married we bought a little place that was very run down and that needed its garden done up from scratch. my mom in law is an excellent gardener and so the three of us set out to create something out of nothing. she truly went to town and made our garden something spectacular. the backends of the beds were primarily greens that did not need to be redone each year but she left an open space in front of the beds. she planted a mass of petunias and they just blossomed in profusion. the whole street stopped by through the season to enjoy the mass of colour. i have however never seen lemon ones. they are so cheerful!

t, you are right. friends truly are the spice of life.

Miko's Girl said...

What lovely flowers! And, what a gorgeous daughter - that red hair is fabulous!

Butterfly ginger lilies are the new flower for the year - I've planted them along the bottom of my screen porch. I'm hoping they smell as good as they are supposed to so the smell can fill my porch. I also hope to bring our resident hummingbird closer to the house.

Georgia B. said...

love the color of those petunias. i have been really enjoying yellow lately. it's just such a happy color—as you say, cheerful. because we rent, i'm not planting flowers this spring. it is the thing i miss the most from our house that we used to own. :(

love the photo that adam took! it's a neat view of your gorgeous red head! i've always wanted red hair. and yes, i agree. friends are DEFINITELY the spice of life. they are just about the best thing life has to offer, i think.

Gayle said...

The petunias are so pretty. I love that color! I don't have any new variety flower this year, but I did give up on something I plant every year. I love Cosmos and plant seeds every year, and only one year did they do well. I'm giving up on them, at least for this year!

T, Adam did a wonderful job on that photo of you! How great that you are re-connecting with friends at home!

Jewels said...

Wow, I love your landscaping and that daughter - she's gorgeous! My son did get home at 3am Thurs. morning. I was glad he squeezed the last bit of time in with his friends.

Things are finally coming to life here in Mich :)

Char said...

beautiful colors, the yellow and the red. happy, thoughtful, spicy and alive.

friends, the interconnection of life and happiness, the grounding

kath said...

Nothing new this year, but I have planted two pumpkin plants. I also planted two cantaloupe plants but the grackles stole them despite the fact that Mom was there and waved her cane and yelled at them ;-)
Enjoy your long weekend.

elk said...

your lemon blooms look so happy in the photo ~petunias and I struggle so i do not get them...i have not panted anything new yet, i invested in a couple of nice clay pots for plants that needed new homes...

T staying in contact with friends takes work ...enjoy your time with them!

Woman in a Window said...

Flowers? I'm not too sure. Tiger lilies, perhaps. And I don't really enjoy orange but there is something of the wild in them, the old, too.

Friends. Yes, more important than I had remembered.

Puna said...

Those are beautiful petunias. Duo color? I've not seem many in yellow. T is beautiful, but of course, why wouldn't she be?

Relyn said...

I would give a lot for that gorgeous hair of yours, Taylor. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all envy it!

hint said...

I just love the names of things and this fits these lemony flowers to a 'T' :)

SE'LAH... said...

lemon zest...reminds me of so much. i can almost taste it now.

without friends, life would be a little less interestings, wouldn't it?



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