Saturday, May 2, 2009

9am / 5pm

solo post - L, Nikon D60

These photos don't really represent my day but it's all I have in the way of photos.
I started out the morning with boot camp and then headed to Athens. Before I left, I noticed that my roses were starting to bloom. I'm not really a huge rose lover but I do like roses when they are still in bud form - and of course they smell wonderful.
I went up to Athens today to pack T's belongings for coming home. Freshman year is already over. It's hard for me to believe the year went by so quickly. We loaded my car up and then walked to town for an Indie craft show - Craftstravaganza. T was asked to photograph the event. The weather was crazy - one minute a downpour, the next the sun was shining. I felt sorry for the vendors. Except that when the rain would come of course we headed for tents and of course looked around - 2 of those 'run for covers' I made purchases. So maybe it didn't hurt them too bad afterall. It was a small show but some very nice work. I wished I'd had more money. The rain made it hard for T to photograph so hopefully the weather will be nicer tomorrow.
On the way up to Athens I had noticed a quaint little church with a tin roof, so I made note to stop by there on the way back home. I drove up the long gravel road leading to the church but it was pouring down rain at this point so I didn't get any good photos there. The grasses you see above where in front of the church – I took this photo from the car. Aren't these plants cool looking? To me they look like gold and pink sequins (you will have to click on image to enlarge in order to see what I'm talking about). Does anyone know the name of this plant? Is it a grass?


Claire said...

the positioning on the rose bud shot is great. i really like the depth of field that you used.

you and T have a very special relationship.

trupeach said...

we have that plant near our apt. my camera and i have been drawn to it too, but i am not sure what it is. i'm curious as well!

Char said...

beautiful shots - I'm not the biggest rose fan either...but they do smell beautiful and remind me of my childhood. You have to go back to the church - I love the grasses but I want to see the tin roof.

Toni said...

Wonderful photos, especially the rose. I love roses, as long as they haven't fully opened. And the thorns are removed. =) The flowers, or whatever, in your other photo are really cool. Too bad you don't know what they are. Thanks for your visit and comment yesterday!

Gayle said...

Your photos are beautiful! I don't know what the grass/plant is. How interesting it is.

SE'LAH... said...

Beautiful post. I love the rose buds...and the flowers. Great captures!

Woman in a Window said...

T will be home for the summer, right? That should be wonderful. Again, wonderful photos. I'm wishing I had your eye.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what that is, it does look like a grass, but then around here other things grow among the grass.
I go back and forth with roses, I have quite a few and I enjoy the blooms and scent, I hate how they look overall.
I like these photos a lot, and I love this blog between you and your daughter.

Relyn said...

I beg to differ. You got at least two good photos.

elk said...

reaching for the next moment...tall and poised...that is what i thought when i saw this dip ...blessings


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