Monday, May 25, 2009

relaxed / uptight

L- Nikon D60 55mm, sooc / T - Nikon D40x Sigma 30mm lens, sooc

tut tut it looks like rain
We had a photo shoot yesterday and got a few keepers plus some serious ones and some silly ones. T is a good model – she knows how to pose. She's very comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind. Me, on the other hand – I'm not completely comfortable in front, or behind, the camera but I'm trying. I desperately want to learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera but I never know quite how to stand or sit or smile. I think we'll have to keep trying all summer until I get it right.
There are more attractive photos than these but I thought it was funny how similar, yet different, these two images were. It shows how relaxed T is and how stiff I am. She knows her best angles, I do not. I shoot in auto mode and she shoots in manual mode. We had brought the umbrella along in case of rain but decided to use it as a prop. We discovered it worked really well in hiding my brillo pad hair. Another thing we discovered after uploading was the drastic difference between RAW setting as opposed to jpeg fine. Her camera was set to jpeg fine and mine to RAW. It makes a difference in the saturation of the image. I have had mine set to jpeg fine and have been somewhat puzzled at the high saturation of pinks and greens in my images. Not until we compared the two did we discover this difference.
I'll post more on my flickr later.


margie said...

i hate having my photo taken, for that very same reason, i can never get comfortable. don't worry, you don't look bad at all. good actually, relaxed.

trupeach said...

wow! what an amazing difference with the settings, it doesn't even look like the same chair. i'm off to read my camera's manual now. thanks, ladies!!

Georgia B. said...

oh, my gosh!
seriously adorable!!!

you two are the best!
i'm jealous. :)
i want to live close to my twin sister and do stuff like this all the time!

Woman in a Window said...

Before I read a word I saw the difference in your postures, took note of the similarities in your bodies and yet how differently you relate them. So very interesting, and you the mother. How have you then communicated to her to be so at ease? And now she is teaching you. Lovely, your relationship. It never tires me. It always gives me hope.

elk said...

i so enjoyed this bonding two made me smile!

Char said...

love the juxtaposition but sameness of the shots and yes, raw can really give you a lot more range and color. I need to switch completey to shooting raw but it uses so much disk space.

I won't get to come to Atlanta this weekend for my photoshoot - I'm disappointed. But they assure me in June.

Puna said...

Oh my I think you look just fine! What a fun diptych.

Gayle said...

I think these are great! It is interesting to see the subtle differences in the images.

Jaime said...

I feel your pain. A friend took some pictures of me this past weekend for a project she wanted to do, and I felt like a deer in headlights...stiff as a board. NO IDEA what to do with myself. I much prefer to be behind the lens.


beth said...

I love love love that umbrella....can you tell me where it's from ?

and the photos....LOVE THOSE especially the "well it looks like rain" attitude !!!! said...

I have the same problem - and my daughter is also at ease with anything in front and behind the camera too! Makes me proud and envious at the same time! LOL

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'm like you....not so comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, I think I hate it!

Relyn said...

Oh. MY!!

I am completely in love. This is a fabulous pairing. It's perfect. It does show the difference between you to. And the similarities. And I love it.

You know, when I saw the one of you, I didn't think "stiff" or "uptight". I thought "Geez! Look at that perfect posture!"

Anonymous said...

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