Monday, February 23, 2009

green / grin

L - iphone pic at work / T - phone pic at dorm
A lot of women have a weakness for shoes - I have to admit I have a weakness for coats. Spring is almost here, yet I bought a new coat last weekend. Well it's still cold outside and isn't this a great spring color? / yeah for packages in the mail! i got a belated birthday gift today from my friend who is at the college of charleston. we have always created playlist cds for each others birthday - i'm glad she didn't break the tradition, and she sent this cool alice in wonderland plate? (when i did my alice in wonderland series photos she posed as the cheshire cat for me.)

`But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
`Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: `we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'
`How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
`You must be,' said the Cat, `or you wouldn't have come here.'


Anonymous said...

I bet a coat in that color looks great on're so much bolder than I am there...I tend to choose coats in black, brown, or blue. Well, I do have a greenish trench coat that I've had for years. Next time, I may channel a little of your coat selection energy and step out in a new direction.

I love the sweet is a your friend for sending something so thoughtful from a memory that connects you in the way the original photograph does.

Claire said...

a personalised gift speaks volumes!

i love the shade of green!

ELK said...

oh the coat is luscious ....never to many! and the CD is always a favorite gift with my girls...

Dan Felstead said...

I saw your comment on Paws for Charity and wanted to visit your photo site. Beautiful work...out of the ordinary. I am a photographer myself and I always appreciate unique style and yours is one! Also what a great idea for a blog...mother and daughter.

Dan Felstead

Char said...

gorgeous colors and notes about the shots. I'm quite mad for anything Alice.

leaca said...

well you will never go cold.

exchanging cd's for birthdays is a great idea. love it.

Jewels said...

I love the color of your coat! I love coats also (more than shoes) and wish I had more of them!

I like the idea of making cds for b-days!

Gayle said...

I love the greens! Makes me think of spring!

Relyn said...

What a fantastic plate, Taylor!

Leslye, I love the color of that coat. I'd buy it for sure - just for the yummy color.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I adore that alice plate! Now I want one :o)

Woman in a Window said...

As always, striking photos. And yes, that coat's a happy spring green.


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