Friday, February 13, 2009

beauty remains / remaining beauty

L - Nikon D40x 200mm / T- phone pic

I just love the delicate petals left behind on the hydrangea bushes - there's beauty that remains in this plant all year long, but I can't wait to see the color of the summer blossoms - color so soft - a plant reminiscent of grandmothers house. There's unexpected synchronicity tonight. I don't usually see the relations until I start to write my part. T's image also shows some beauty left behind in a decaying old house , perhaps someone's grandmother's home? / across from our new house is an abandoned paradise. it's the kind that i love- white with a front porch and adornments around the door. i went with my friend zach to investigate. the front door was barred and locked, so we went around to the back to check it out. there was a pile of stuff in the back - we were amazed at what the people had thrown out- cds, teapots, movies and books. the books were waterlogged, but the places that had disintegrated inside them created interesting sentences. wished i'd had a real camera with me.


bermudabluez said...

It is kind of interesting to visualize all of the stories behind abandoned houses!! Happy VDay to you!!

leaca said...

gorgeous photos girls.

ELK said...

love the images both of the past but forward to new beginnings... the flowers in their blooms to come and T's new house for college.

Claire said...

i absolutely love the title of the post.

one of my fondest memories from the year i turned 19 is that of exploring an old, barred up house with a very good friend.

Woman in a Window said...

refelction and investigation, you ladies kill me. Love this.

Georgia B. said...

how perfectly do these two pictures compliment each other! love this one.


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