Thursday, February 5, 2009

patterns / moire

L - iphone / T- phone pic
I'm a day late posting this and now it looks sort of out of place, but yesterday it was actually cold. Today, however, was warm and sunny and I'm so excited for the predictions for the weekend - highs near 70. Maybe soon I will be putting away these cold weather items. I know we're all excited for that. / "so cold I could see my breath" - that's what I named this piece. this is a study in morie effect done in colored pencil on black paper. i'm still working on it.


Char said...

crazy weather, right? I'm so excited about this weekend though. I would only hope that it holds over for next weekend when I move. I adore houndstooth.

the drawing is so beautiful.

Georgia B. said...

i love all things pattern! i'd love to create patterns for textiles. that would be a dream job!

hey, i mentioned you guys in my last post with a link to your blog. i'm starting a side-by-side photo blog with a friend i met through my blogs. so, i told how i was already familiar with this type of blog because of yours. :)

thanks for you continual inspiration.

Suvarna said...

It's beautiful, I love the colours and and the title is perfect. glad you are getting some warm weather.

bermudabluez said...

The weather here has been kind of strange too! I absolutely adore your drawing!!!

Gayle said...

Wow! Near 70 degrees sounds wonderful! We woke up to 19 degrees, but I think we're at least supposed to make it into the 30's today.

T, your drawing is amazing! I called my daughter over to look at it and we oooohed and aaaahed at it!

Woman in a Window said...

Both sides of that picture are drawings? No! I stared for a pretty long time and it can't be. Gorgeous regardless.

ELK said...

your duets are never out of "tune"

Relyn said...

I love this piece, Taylor. I think it is my favorite yet. You know, it actually took me a moment to spot the breather. I was so taken with the pattern.


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