Sunday, January 3, 2010

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solo post - L, Nikon

I sometimes have a sense of sadness after Christmas - the packing up of Christmas and the closing of a year can sometimes feel a bit depressing. But after I get started taking it all down, the sun starts to shine a little brighter in my home, I smile and get a feeling of rejuvenation - a sort of refreshed feeling comes about. It feels good. Take a deep breath and breathe new life into this new year - there are a lot of possibilities ahead and they are attainable if I put my mind to it.
It's all cleaned up and there is a sense of calm and peace in the house. It's very cold out there but my fire is burning and it's cozy in here.
And another thing that makes me smile - I take the popcorn/cranberry garland outside for the birds to enjoy.
Hope the New Year is off to a beautiful start for you all.


S. Etole said...

sustenance ... inside and out

Gayle said...

I feel the same.

That is the cutest tea cup cozy!

Jewels said...

Your pix are both so cozy! Would love to sit & have tea with you!

Line said...

so sweet I would love to have tea with you!!

ELK said...

birds love you...teacup cozy is so cool..

Joyce said...

I like how you take out the popcorn and berries for the birds. A great idea.

I popped over from and now became a follower. You have a nice blog! Enjoy! xo

tami said...

I understand the sadness and then the feeling of ahh when it is all put away.

Love the idea of the bird treat!
Hope you have all you dream in the new year.

Woman in a Window said...

We become naked when we tear it all down after, Christmas, don't we? It can be a bit sad, or wonderful. Depends on the light.

I laugh with your coffee cozy. You are the epitome of warmth!

Relyn said...

I really love that you create Christmas decorations just so you can share them later with the birds. Why does that not surprise me at all?? That is just the kind of wonderful thing I imagine you doing.

georgia b. said...

i adore that mug! i saw it somewhere else on a blog. too cute!

i'm hoping my whole year is all about calm and peace. it's my goal.

i love that you repurpose your garland for the wildlife outside. that is just about the coolest thing i've heard of. you seem to have a true love and heart for the living creatures that surround you. that's awesome!

hope you are having a good start to your year.

smith kaich jones said...

Yes, I so get this, but my sadness is right before Christmas, always glad for it to be gone.

Can't wait to see your possibilities become realities. ;)



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