Sunday, August 23, 2009

happy / blissful

solo post - L

I woke up today and the first thing upon stepping outside I sang to myself, "this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it". I know that's not just a praise for glorious days weather-wise but a praise we should sing every day. But this day was so exceptional in the weather department I couldn't help but rejoice and I wanted to be outdoors every minute possible. Hm, I think I said this yesterday. Oh well, it held true today too. So... I decided to take Evee, and myself, for a walk at a local park called Big Trees Forest. We walked, and talked (I hope no heard me talking out loud to my dog), she was patient when I wanted to stop and take a photo, we sat on the creek bridge and watched the water flow, we took 'bench monday' shots (well she couldn't take one of me and I didn't bring my remote), we watched the birds and the butterflies, she cooled herself off in the water, she was even nice to the other dogs along the way. I say this because many times she feels the need to bark and carry on. But she was such a good dog today I think I'll take her more often. She truly seemed happy to be enjoying the day right along side me. Hope your weekend was glorious as well.

Here Evee sits beside me on the bridge as I dangle my feet. To me it looks as though she is smiling, seeming to say, "thank you for bringing me along"


elk said...

they can be so very patient...especially when the camera comes out! one of my many favorite songs btw

Gayle said...

What a lovely day that sounds like. Evee does look like she has a big smile on her face!

Puna said...

She seems very happy to be there with you!

Relyn said...

I LOVE that song. Sloane and I sing it most mornings on our way to school. Sometimes it gets edged out by the Veggie Tales Sunday Morning Songs CD though.

robin bird said...

that was like a little story book tale! evee goes for a walk..good dog evee :) you and relyn seem to sing the same tunes...with dog.. with daughter... :)


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