Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the calm of blue

L - iphone / T - Nikon
I stole a minute to go outside today - not getting one break until 3pm. The days have been stressful lately (too many late nights to speak of), so a few minutes with the sun on my face, and the sound of water, was what I needed to melt the stress right away. Sunshine is as good as a massage to me and it's the break I needed today. / I'm having a hard time getting much (for the blog) out of T these days. I have to admit she has a lot going on with the new home. She's been dealing with the landlord, the cable guy, the electrician, the general repair guy getting locks on doors, leaks fixed, ovens regulated, security installed, etc. I called one day and she didn't have time to talk - on the line with one service person, another one in the house asking questions. She said, "mom this is so stressful". But you know what? I am so proud of the way she is handling it all - getting everything taken care of herself. I do believe her wings have spread, and are strong - very strong. The jobs are complete now and now she has a week to relax before classes start on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I know how proud you must feel as T adds this new series of accomplishments to all she already is done.

You've done a good job preparing her to fly... mama bird. :)

margie said...

them kids grow, don't they?

Char said...

i think those moments are when children realize how valuable parents are really - in the moment of being loved, it's sometimes difficult to know what all our parents do for us, until we have to spread the wings and fly. Excellent job raising T. The shots pair perfectly.

Gayle said...

I have a feeling that her mom's wings are very strong, too. It's wonderful reading about how proud you are of your girl!

elk said...

the blues here just takes me away as well, massage for sure...take care not to overdue at the job my friend, T is soaring isn't she!

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, from elk's post to yours - all these babies growing into wonderful women. These images are once again amazing & fit together so perfectly. Thank you.

:) Debi

Christina said...

What a beautiful and bittersweet post. She is growing up and so beautifully.
I am so proud of you both, my friend.

Woman in a Window said...

I always relish in your perspective, photographically and otherwise.

Relyn said...

Proud of you, L, for continuing to let her grow and spread those wings. It's not easy, I know.


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