Friday, March 13, 2009

we're not hiding

I have missed blogging. But I haven't been hiding on purpose - my daughter has been home on Spring Break for a full week and we have had a blast - too busy to blog. We've gone on photo adventures, shopped and eaten at nice restaurants by day and each night, instead of my usual blogging, I was spending time with her - watching our favorite TV shows together, like old times, or renting movies she's been wanting to see.
Speaking of... we watched one the other night that left us questioning. Has anyone else seen "Mister Lonely"? We both said it was the craziest movie we had ever seen but yet so interesting. On our drive to take photos one day we talked about the film, trying to figure out what seemed to be a lot of color symbolism. Again like old times - we love watching a movie and then talking about it together - trying to analyze it.
Harmony Korine (I wasn't familiar with him) directed this movie about a group of people frustrated with reality, a mixed bag of impersonators, living together in a commune, there is also an interesting subplot with flying nuns. It's full of existential ideas - not giving you answers but making you to ponder the value and nature of existence. You'll just have to see it. It has a nice soundtrack and is very colorful to watch. At first we were like, "what??" but then after talking about it, we want to see it again. / this week has been a nice change of pace and i've really enjoyed being back home. i have missed the photo adventures mom and i used to go on (not to mention the camera that she commandeered and still has). we went to paris on ponce, which we had heard a lot about, and had a great time looking around in all the themed rooms. i've also become reaquainted with the art of watching movies - something i don't get to do much at school since we're without a tv in our room. mister lonely was a strange one, mixing seemingly unrelated plots, weird color symbolism, and even stranger/creepier characters. but it had diego luna in it, so it was alright. haha


ELK said...

i hoped that you two were spending a break together...your word make me smile and I am so very thankful to hear of your special times spent together...I so know what you mean times with a daughter in flight is a gift ! t-you are almost done with your first year !


Gayle said...

I was also thinking that you two were spending time together! I love to read about your times together and hope that my daughter and I continue to have a close relationship when she goes off to college!

Char said...

it makes me feel home to hear insider names like "Ponce" and just to see a mother/daughter who get on so very well.

love the masks!

Woman in a Window said...

You too fill me up with hope you know. I know, all sappy. But in light of my last post and my own daughter's turning away, I hope that one day we can share what you two have. Or even a fraction of it. You are very lucky.

That movie sounds SO interesting! Too bad I live in nowhere land and can only rent shoot 'em up shows.

Puna said...

What a wonderful thing to be able to spend time like this with your daughter. I'm hoping mine will feel the same and not want to go off to the Caribbean on spring break or something. Restaurants are my favorite discovery...I'm a foodie. So nice that you can do that with your daughter.

Georgia B. said...

love these shots!
a different take on self-portraits.

i'm glad you are able to be together for break.

my mom just got laid off shortly after i lost my job, so i am hoping we too will get to spend more time together!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun shot of the two of you! So glad you are galavanting around and enjoying your time together! Perfect.

Relyn said...

Never seen the movie, but am so glad you two have been having such a lovely time together.


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