Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a common thing / dandelion

L - iphone / T - taken by a friend

“The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world.”

On the way home I shot this photo while waiting at a red light - common right? Even though it's a weed, don't you think the dandelion is a most startling event? - it starts out sundrop yellow and then turns into a delicate white puff-ball over night - each seed, a tiny little parachute that we wish on and blow to the wind hoping every dream will come true. just a random thought.
Anyway, on the way home, I had the windows open and it was warm and light outside. It's so nice driving home from work in the daylight. I didn't get off work until 7 tonight, yet it was still light enough to sit outside on my deck with a cup of tea when I got home. My Yogi tea tab said, "whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing" and it was. I was 8 pm , 69º and I was walking around the yard noticing how much the buds had opened up just since the weekend - each day I see more growth and beauty. Tonight I saw that my wild azaleas are almost in full bloom, the dogwoods are opening, the doublefile viburnum is loaded with buds, the oak leaf hydrangeas have really put out a lot of new growth since last year, even the one little peony has it's bud. The peony is the biggest, showiest flower in the yard and it blossoms from the tiniest plant in our yard. The plant dies back to the ground in the autumn and then, seemily, magically appears and produces one flower about 6" in diameter. This is a miracle, and there is nothing common about it. Isn't this time of year exciting in the garden? / my friend peter needed my help with one of his friend's photography assignments, so of course i was quick to say yes. when they arrived i was given a sharpie and told to write "i am ___." i usually need time to think of things like this! i didn't like being put on the spot, so we started chatting about other things when peter and i remembered our plans to make cupcakes. i had it – "i am an excellent baker" was promptly written neatly on my hand. it was beautiful outside, i sat in the grass, picked a dandelion and stuck it in my hair. she said that i looked pretty the way i was so she just started shooting. i don't even think the writing on my hand showed in most of the photos. i'm not sure exactly how she used these images, but i was glad to be of assistance and hope people are that kind to me when i need them to be in my photos!


Relyn said...

I am _____________ is a terrific question.

I am happy to be here.
I am pleasantly tired after a long day playing.
I am headed to bed in about two minutes.

Good night.

ELK said...

what a pair! as you know I am so into the garden blooms so my head was shaking yes yes as I read your post!

WOW T...what a nice photo...you and my daughter have such the same color hair and skin...put on sunscreen says the mom in me!!

Gayle said...

L, I love your description of your evening and your yard. I am waiting for that wonderful weather to arrive here. We have been in winter coats again this past week.

T, very cute photo of you sitting in the grass. I am guessing that when you need your friend's to be there for you to photograph, they will be!

Miko's Girl said...

I loved your post. It reminds me of when the girls found such joy in finding dandelion puffballs to blow. My husband discouraged it to no avail.

Daily, I walk about my yard to see what is about to erupt and have similar plants awakening as you do. I like the cusp of Spring - where little buds promise you that warmth will arrive.

Jewels said...

Did you plan on both writing about dandelions? Cool! I look so forward to that time of year up here in Michigan when the world starts coming to life again. I was longing for it this morning. it's just so brown & gray here. You described it perfectly!

Char said...

so lovely and we should all be challenged to answer the I am question.

Amy said...

I have so wanted to visit my favorite blogs lately and fall so short of time...I love this fun dip and your delightful descriptions...I see ELK up there posting...my oh my I can't remember the last time I visited with her so I'll close for now:) see ya soon!

spread your wings said...

Jewel, actually we didn't plan the dandelion theme. i was pleasantly surprised when I saw the dandelion in her photo so i found the quote and tried to make it work.

Woman in a Window said...

I think some people see beauty everywhere they look and some people are beauty everywhere they go. I do believe you two are beautiful.

smith kaich jones said...

I am ___________ always amazed at how well your images work together.
At how your stories were really about dandelions. At how much fun it is to visit here.

:) Debi

Dawn Gahan said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Ali at Flibberty Gibbets told me about your blog and you've been on my favorite list for about a month now! I've loved getting to know you and your daughter.

Perhaps some day Harleigh will want to do a mother/daughter blog like you've done! It's so unique and heartwarming.


robin bird said...

oh how i long for those perfect spring days! you descried it beautifully leslye.


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