Saturday, March 28, 2009

9:30am / 9:30pm

solo post - L

This morning it was raining, again - but that was fine because I had a few indoor projects I wanted to get done. I needed to paint the cabinet that my dad built for me. It's a great cabinet that's going to hold vases and candles that aren't used every day and need a place to hide. I have to try to match the trim as best I can so I picked up some swatches at Lowes - Rain Cloud, Tempered Sage, Fisherman's Net, Shoreline Haze, Sprig of Ivy... aren't those some great names? The one that matched perfectly was named "Epic". (T will get a kick out of that - she likes to use that word). It's a National Trust for Historic Preservation paint which is fitting since my home is a classic Williamsburg, styled after the Bracken House. Anyway, I primed the cabinet and then went out in the pouring rain to get my Epic paint. The cabinet looks great and I love having a designated place to store all those odd vases and candles. / Tonight from 8:30 - 9:30 was Earth Hour . Did you turn off all your lights, have candlelight dinners or a soothing bath by candlelight? I didn't plan anything exciting because I almost forgot and a candlelight dinner by yourself isn't so much fun anyway. I gathered as many candles as I could (hey now they were all in one place in my new cabinet, how nice). It was a hodgepodge of candles but oh well - lights were out and it was sort of relaxing. I took my shower by candlelight and then had coffee and cake by candlelight. I'm generally very conscious of the lights I'm burning but it wouldn't be a bad idea to do this every night. Not only does it save energy, it forces us to relax for a little while.


PIC said...

hi, i'm from malaysia

Gayle said...

Gah, we forgot about Earth Hour. We were watching Twilight at the time.

So, your dad is creative, too! How great to have a cabinet made by him. I have some things that my dad made and they are very special to me.

SE'LAH... said...

You are very artistic.

We did Earth Hour...had a great time. Glad you partook.

I also was told to change my comment format on NECESSARY ROOM...hope that alleviates the difficulty commenting you described.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Woman in a Window said...

Candlelight is so soothing, isn't it? Imposes itself so lightly.

Char said...

it sat with my sister and friends to have a drink. it was so lovely sitting outside after the rain had finished and the crescent moon was smiling it's smile.

love the shots

ELK said...

candles are a favorite of mine they fill my fire place ~ along with paint names...who thinks of those?!!

Puna said...

It's nice that you would do that for earth hour but truthfully, I enjoy candlelight purely for the wonderful warm feeling that it brings.

Georgia B. said...

i forgot about earth hour.
i feel bad.

i was probably online.
"bad, Georgia. very bad."

next time.

great idea for a diptych.

Relyn said...

Oh. I really love the idea of two pictures exactly 12 hours apart. I love the dreaminess of it. I hope to see noon and midnight some day.


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