Saturday, March 20, 2010

green / tree

L - Nikon / T - Nikon

Happy Spring everyone. Hope your day was filled with new delight.

When I bought this car 13 years ago I immediately fell in love with the color. Many people think it's an awlful color but to me it is the color a Japanese maple leaf in spring time. That's how I describe it anyway - Jeep calls it Citron Green. Taylor drives it now and she loves it too. It's almost a one-of-a-kind. As long as we've had it we could count on one hand the amount of times we've seen another one just like it - anywhere. Taylor wants to drive her Kirby forever. She says it just fits who she is. And I'd say it does - unique.
I feel so lucky - she has been home two weekends in a row. I bought her tickets to see Spoon at the Tabernacle, but she also wanted to shoot some more film for her assignment. It's a project on color so first we drove down to Cabbage Town where the homes are bright and crazy colors, and to Little Five Points were the graffiti walls add color to otherwise rundown buildings. It was a gorgeous sunny 75 and we enjoyed being outside together. We ate at Flip (a unique burger joint) to end the day before she headed to the concert.
Since we were together we decided to look at our photos of the day and pick two to post, together. I chose the Jeep because I had planned to use it on a post at Lensustogether and when we saw the one she took of the tree and the green wall in Cabbage Town they seem meant for each other. When she first saw that wall she said, "hey look they're painting it Kirby green" and took a photo - not knowing that I had shot the photo of her car behind our maple tree earlier in the day.
Two 'spring greens' behind bare trees waiting for their new leaves.

she didn't have time to write her portion


Anonymous said...

Unusual shades of green have become some of my favorites lately. You're making me homesick you know, with talk of springtime in Cabbage Town and burgers at Flip.

寶貝 said...

凡是遇到困擾的問題,不要把它當作可怕的,討厭的,無奈的遭遇,而要把它當作歷練、訓練和幫助。 ..................................................

S. Etole said...

I can imagine the enjoyment of your time together ... what a gift for both of you

Char said...

i love spring green - i almost bought an xterra that color but they didn't want to deal. so i have my blue liberty.

sounds like a great weekend for you all.

Gayle said...

That sounds like a wonderful time that you two spent together! I love these images and it's so cool that you, and now Taylor, have such a unique car!

ELK said...

they work so well together . the lines of the branches and of course..the greens!!

Puna said...

This green happens to be my favorite color. I wish I had your jeep:)

Relyn said...

This is another wonderful pairing. I love the banding of green on both images.

I also love that you (and now Taylor) have a car that you love. I think it is so life enhancing. Maybe not super important; certainly not more important than being smart with your money. But a car you love is life enriching. I still miss my convertible.

Since I was 15 and got my first car, I have named them. The one I drive now, it took me years to discover his real name. It's Bic. You know? As in Bic pens. They sure aren't fancy. They aren't gel pens and they don't write in great colored ink, but they get the job done. Dependably and reliably. Every time. Yup. He may not be fun, but he's dependable. He's Bic.


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