Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bird watching

solo post - L

"My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather." - Loire Hartwould


Char said...

:) it makes me smile. i used to have a cat that would chirp along with them. i always imaged she said 'here birdie, birdie, birdie'

S. Etole said...

this made me smile, too ... I'll bet that tail was twitching

Jewels said...

this made me LOL :)

Line said...

that's cool I love the combination of booth pictures and I know that cats love to talk to birds, they make strange noise, does your cat too!!!

ELK said...

what a true quote . for cats too!

Relyn said...

This post made me grin. I can just see Cody's tail twitch and hear the little growly mewl as birds come into view.

Anonymous said...

Heehee, I love your dips...even the solo ones!
My cat does the same thing.

smith kaich jones said...

yes, yes, yes, it is bird-chirping weather and impossible to keep maggie the cat inside. :) despite her illness & days dwindling, the birds awaken her to another spring. yes!

:) Debi

Jaime said...

So sweet!
I'm sure he's thinking...if only somehow, I could get through this glass.


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