Friday, March 26, 2010

creative / expressive

L - Nikon / T - Nikon film camera

I was so excited to come home and find a box from Amazon. I was on Amazon the other day looking for a particular book a blogger mentioned. One book lead me to these type of books which really caught my interest. Feeling like my creativity needed a push I bought some of them. Look at these books - don't they look exciting? I can't wait to dive in - absorb the knowledge within. I'm hoping they will inspire me - to update my etsy site, to get a more active with creating and selling, and to create a blog that has a purpose and stands out. I have so many ideas - paintings, forged silver jewelry, direction for the blog, scannography visions, weavings, sewing projects, - all in my head. They're doing me no good in there. The problem is I seem to get motivated and excited to work on my own stuff when I'm at work doing other peoples projects and by the time I get home my energy for creating has died. Well Spring is a time to grow - to spring forth with new life, new color, and energy. Maybe after reading the books I will feel a new motivation, and not afraid to try some new things. / Taylor sent me this photo tonight. Those are some crazy, colorful men's shirts aren't they? This particular shop makes olds things look fresh and exciting - desirable. I'd say a guy would have to be pretty creative and bold to wear one of these - not afraid to try new things - to stand out and be expressive. The photo was taken as a segment of her photo assignment - "the role color plays in our culture".

"Hail in the Spring, a start of new beginnings.
Creativity awe-inspiring gives a reason to be living.
Plant life showing life anew, a wonder to be found.
New born lambs playing in the fields, birds nesting all around
People enjoying the sun and the warmth, feeling good to be alive.
Spring gives a purpose to our lives, a touch of Paradise."
- Kay M. Sutton, Bring in the Spring


.kat. said...

The top two books smile
brightly in my library.
A lot of great insight
and advice. great shots! :)

Addicted to The Click said...

I may have to check into those books!

ELK said...

so much to choose from in both photos..another happy pairing !

Gayle said...

Here's to motivation!

Char said...

ohhh, blogging for bliss? i have to check that out.

love the pairing

smith kaich jones said...

. . . to create a blog that has a purpose & stands out? Oh, but you have just that. You are an original.

And I know what you mean about all those ideas staying in your head - so frustrating & hard. I hope you figure out a way to solve this. I'll be watching & taking notes.


peachey said...

i love these two ... exploring creativity in the new and relishing the boldness of the past.

i am thrilled to see what comes from your reading, leslye!

Relyn said...

You gotta love a store that displays their wares so well. I got so excited when I saw your books that I promptly left and requested them all from my library. Then I came back. Hey, you.


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