Thursday, October 29, 2009

mail delivery

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My mail box is usually filled with nothing but junk mail, every once in a while there's a piece of important mail (got one the other day for my tag renewals) but this time of year it's more catalogs than anything. However, today I got two pieces of mail that I was very excited about. Show tickets and handmade cards from a special friend.
When T was home a few weeks ago we drove downtown and saw a huge tent set up where they usually have the Cirque du Soleil tent. However this one was white instead of yellow and blue so we weren't sure what it was for. Then we saw... Cavalia is coming to town. This tent we saw is the largest touring big top in North America. The show... a larger-than-life fairytale - blending dramatic visual effects, live music, dance and acrobatic with the bold presence of over 60 magnificent horse. I just had to get tickets. The only day that T would be able to go was on 11 -10, so I went online and it kept coming up that none were available. I thought I would have to give it up. but I decided to make a call. Turns out the entire place was bought in groups but a representative called me the next day and said she had some tickets - really good tickets. We will be seated eight rows back, middle right, just one row back from premium seats. I can't not wait! I put those tickets in a safe place. We'll just say it's an early birthday present to myself, and T gets to reap the benefits as well.
See those beautiful cards there on the left? I bet most of you can recognize who did this lovely work. Elk recently opened an etsy shop and I went shopping there as soon as she did. These cards were packaged so nicely and I have to say they are even more beautiful in person - you can tell they are truly made from the heart. I'm not sure if I will be able to part with them - might just frame them for myself instead of writing a letter on them. You should check out her shop for yourself when you get a chance.


Char said...

lovely things to get in the mail. :)

i love those kind of days

S. Etole said...

"real" mail is just the best ... beautiful cards.

Meredith said...

What a wonderful snail-mail day :)

:: elk :: said...

aw thanks so much friend

georgia b. said...

as a recipient of one of elk's cards, i can attest that they are beautiful. i'm so glad she opened a shop.

it's nice to get good things in the mail, isn't it? that's what i love about etsy. everything i've ever received from there comes packaged so personally, almost as if from a friend, even when it's from someone you don't know.

Relyn said...

Oh, I had never heard of Cavalia. I am so excited for you and Taylor. What a treat! You already know that my favorite birthday present to give or get is tickets. There's another thing we have in common.

Gayle said...

That sounds like a really fun early birthday present! I love elk's cards. They are so beautiful.


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