Friday, February 3, 2012

historical fiction / fairytales

L - Nikon / T - iphone

New reading - a book I received at Christmas - a great white elephant score. I thought it was interesting that I ended up with this book. I love historical fiction, especially when it's about an artist. What about you - what type of reading do you enjoy? / my children's lit reading list - grimm's fairy tales, frankenstein and dracula to name a few. should be fun.


ELK said...

i like getting a "good" book at a gift exchange ..or even a class!!

Jewels said...

Oh that book looks good!!!!! and I love that camera :)

Relyn said...

Oh, I enjoy so much - so many genres. I read quite a lot of kid's lit, obviously. But, also young adult lit. LOVE THAT GENRE!

Relyn said...

Hmmm... wondering if you got my comment?


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