Thursday, June 30, 2011

refuge / retreat

L - Nikon / T - Nikon

This little kitty was very shy - she wouldn't venture far from her safety zone, her refuge from the world of over-eager children wanting to play with her. Her brother was a little more accepting of the attention - even let Taylor pick him up. Taylor wanted to take both of them home with her. I hated to say no, but I had to. However she is going to try to place them in loving homes so they will be protected and loved. / i took this photo when i was in southern california a week ago. sad to say it's the only photo i took to speak of. this hotel room was my retreat - rather it was where i was stuck for lack of having a car (too long of a story). we had some good times and i have to admit there were some boring times. that's just the way it goes - summer has some of both.


d smith kaich jones said...

i've never seen a female yellow striped kitty. (seriously - i thought they were all male. lol!) this one is a beauty & i am glad i live far away. :)

and again, both images work so well together. y'all are gooood!


Jewels said...

haha, that little kitty sure is a poser!!!

S. Etole said...

I've been wanting a little kitty but that is pretty far away!

Anna said...

Love your blog concept - what a wonderful connection between mother and daughter!!! Both of these shots have good compositions. Love the value arrangement in the first and the unique subject matter in the second! Very nice :)

Jewels said...

hey again little kitty!


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