Friday, November 19, 2010

sunny hours / another year

solo post - L, Nikon

"I count none but the sunny hours"

just a reminder to self : not a good thing to try on skinny jeans on your birthday - just drives home the fact that you are old and maybe you shouldn't get your haircut on your birthday - having the hairdresser say, "you've got a lot of grey hair here do you want me to color it for you? " doesn't make you feel any younger. And hint: self portrait with the camera out of focus makes you look a little younger.


ELK said...

you make me smile always..i hope that this has been a very special year and happy day to you..I really like the two images have such a knack for this

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest little figure and if I could fit into your biggest pair of jeans, I'd be a happy woman.

Speaking of happy ... if I've missed your birthday, I hope it was a happy one.

S. Etole said...

I, too, hope your day was special for you ...

Line said...

bonne fĂȘte! Keep your sens of humor, keep smiling!!

Char said...

:) you are beautiful regardless of the gray or the skinny jeans. skinny jeans are a plot that the fashion designers have heaped upon us. love both shots

Anonymous said...

Skinny jeans are for teens. I hate to break it to you but you're not a teen any more. :-) But in my humble opinion you look fantabulous.

- your ever loving brother

Relyn said...

Happy, happy birthday, my friend. May your year be blessed.

Jaime said...

Happy (belated..oh, I'm so sorry!) Birthday, beautiful you!

I don't know about the whole skinny jeans thing...I think they look funny on everyone! They make people look ice cream cone shaped. Just my humble two cents.

I hope you had a lovely day.

smith kaich jones said...

oh, i missed your birthday post! happy belated!! you look fabulous and cannot listen to the mirror or hairdressers, especially on your birthday, when father time is sitting on your shoulder, whispering nothing goods into your ear. a few days before my birthday, i had my driver's license renewed and was told that oh, i needed a new picture, didn't i? gee whiz and thank you and the new one looks worse.

PLUS i had to ask the ever-wonderful boyfriend what one of those things was called, you know, that measured the time with shadow? he laughingly said "sundial?" and oh yeah, i felt my age creeping up.

hope your day was as wonderful as you are!!!



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