Saturday, November 13, 2010

is it early? / is it late?

solo post - L, Nikon

What? It's too early! It's not even Thanksgiving , you say. I know, the autumn leaves haven't even fallen to the ground yet. And no I have not decorated my house (I do my decorating the weekend of Thanksgiving). I'm just doing a little photo shoot for one of my etsy sites – I'm preparing to list a few new items. Do you remember the paper ball ornaments I made last year ? I think maybe I talked about a little bit about a family craft session where we all made these wonderful ornaments out of repurposed Christmas cards. We all get cards that are treasures, ones with special messages from special loved ones, etc, but we also get a lot of cards that have no special meaning to us after a certain time. Through the years I have collected a lot and my mom has collected even more. We are putting these cards to good use by making ball ornaments. They look beautiful on the tree and the best thing is they are very light weight and unbreakable - a great thing when there's a cat around. / It might actually be too late to list Christmas items on my etsy site. Some people think a lot further ahead than I do. But I'm going ahead with it. I am going to list these little journal booklets (Christmas card list, journal, wish list, menu planner, or guest book -whatever you want to use them as) made out of repurposed paper that I get at the office - perfectly good paper that is thrown out for various reasons. I also put a printed 2011 calendar at the front of the books and a few sheets of graph paper just for fun. It's nice to have a little book to jot things down in.
So I guess it sort of is time to start thinking about the holidays whether we like it or not. I bet some of you have already checked off everything on your shopping list? Not me for sure.

P.S. I hope this isn't bad of me to self promote but who else is going to do it right? I moved my ring shop to a different address on etsy so I'm going to go ahead and say it... my rings can be found HERE . They might make a nice gift for someone on your list. wink wink


margie said...

i love the paper balls. they are beautiful. any special card would do, not just christmas, and it could hang all year.

Char said...

i am just noticing christmas in the stores this week, so i think you're right on time.

i need to go favorite the new shop, i've just been mostly out of town all weekend.

Jewels said...

what a great use for all those cards! you just can't throw them away ya know?

Anonymous said...

Your rings are beautiful! Self promoting is fine. Lots of bloggers do it.

smith kaich jones said...

yes to what margie said. the emma tree used to stay adorned with different baubles all year long - i would just change them seasonally. the last 2 years she has been sadly neglected, but i feel a 2nd wind coming. i love the paper balls.

and if you can't promote yourself on your very own blog, well . . . that's just wrong! LOL!


Relyn said...

I'd say it's right on time.

Jaime said...

Oh yes, those rings will make a beautiful gift indeed! ;)

What a great way to make use of all these things you would normally just recycle. Great ideas!


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