Tuesday, November 16, 2010

filled / fulfilled

solo post - L , Nikon

That's a lot of ice cream in that bowl – you'd think I was a glutton or something. BUT this ice cream has 36% less fat AND no sugar added! So... I ate every last drop. And it was good.

It's only Tuesday and I am already looking to the weekend – I have rings and things I want to create. How about you?

p.s. I don't usually eat at my computer desk.


S. Etole said...

now I need a bedtime snack :-)

beth said...

YUM....really yum !

Relyn said...

What kind of ice cream was it? YUM!

ELK said...

the best of both worlds!!

Jaime said...

Yes..like Relyn said...I would like to know too!

smith kaich jones said...

LOL! I eat at my computer desk all the time, and it is a bad habit. And I am not an ice cream eater, but that looks pretty darn good.

:) Debi


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