Sunday, December 13, 2009

last touch / last cup

solo post - L, Nikon

listening to: Carol of the Bells


Christina said...

oh what comforting shots.

Relyn said...

This diptych makes me sigh, and feel warm and cozy. Christina is right. Exactly right.

Line said...

so sweet again, december views are great!

S. Etole said...

Was she on her way back to school?

smith kaich jones said...

How touching, no pun intended. Perfect.


ELK said...

relish the cinnamon touches in both..a special window into your life

Char said...

love that french press - beautiful

you have last touches and i've barely started. *sigh* i need to do better.

Jewels said...

These look inviting!

postcards from... said...

okay, i definitely need coffee now!

loving your beautiful pictures this month (even though i don't comment every day)!

{via december views}

Russell Holloway said...

What a wonderful blog.... :-)


The photos on the left are taken by me, Leslye, the mother. The photos on the right are taken by my daughter, Taylor – unless otherwise noted. Comments are always welcome. thanks
If you care to visit, I, Leslye, have another blog - AutumnSun where I ramble around different paths and pleasures of my own.