Wednesday, September 9, 2009


solo post - L

Two days in a row - signs of happiness - the smiley face staring at me in the morning and now these xx's carved in a tree. I had a thought maybe there was treasure below, after all x marks the spot right? But I have a feeling they were put there by two people who adored - treasured - each other. Maybe even professing their love for each other at the very moment of engraving - it's a sweet thought anyway.
The shot seemed appropriate for Happy Love Thursday. Hope everyone finds a bit of love and happiness in their day today.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful thought...very tender.

I love all these little messages the universe is sending you.

Claire said...

i have been gifted in abundance today. my eyes and heart are filled with more than i ever could have asked for.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What a nice story. There is some more love coming your way today - I am mailing your Ethiopian New Year card, you are my recipient in Gift of Jewels. Happy Ethiopian New Year!

robin bird said...

that is a wonderful photograph of a perfect love thursday moment! it looks stunning with your black background!

Char said...

a beautiful find, love the greens

Gayle said...

That is neat that you found more happiness messages! Happy Love Thursday!

elk said...

happy love thursday friend with natures colors and texture!

Line said...

ooh wow I love this green, so wonderful

Relyn said...

It's not Thursday, but happy love day, to you. May your day be crammed full of all sorts of little bits of love.

georgia b. said...

so sweet. i love to discover little things like that. or even just to see something as sweet as an elderly couple that is still holding hands as they walk down the street after all those years.

speaking of love and treasures, thank you so much for your kind comment on my "late blooms..." post. i treasure the words like those from my closest blog friends like you. thanks for letting me be so honest there and not letting it turn you away. thanks for sharing the ways you can identify so that i do not feel alone. comments like yours from bloggers like you are precious to me. i'm sorry you've been dealing with some sadness as of late, too. it's so good to be reminded that joy comes in the morning.

{{{hugs}}} from me.


David said...

How'd you see all that? I see a bat. :-)
Just kidding Leslye. Nice post.


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