Sunday, September 13, 2009

uptight / excite

solo post - L (unfinished painting)

"Have as much fun as you can and don't feel that the edge of your canvas confines you – let your vision go right on." - Charles Hawthorne

I started a painting this weekend - brushing one color next to another to make form. But I got too tight – uptight really. Maybe it's because of the small canvas size, the long time I've been away from the brush... whatever it is needs to change. I want to paint with freedom – without a care. I want to feel the same excitement in looking at my painting that I feel when looking at the way light plays on my wall - now that excites me. My cousin and I were talking a few weekends ago and I told him I wanted to take a canvas and paint it the way that's natural for me, then paint maybe 3 more of the exact subject, each time with a bigger brush and bolder strokes and see what happens. Maybe then I'll loosen up. And it's ok if I come back to my original style of painting, but at least I'll have broken free for a time.

"Paint with freedom. It gives you more mastery of the nature of paint." -Charles Hawthorne

By the way you should check out my cousins work if you get a chance. He paints with pure passion.


Line said...

that's a wonderful project, and I love the two shoots very lovely!!!

good luck and be free!

smith kaich jones said...

I LOVE that 1st quote - LOVE it!! I recently was reading someone's blog about some kind of painting thing/course/exercise to loosen you up - I am drawing a blank re: the name, but if I track it down I will send it to you. I know exactly how you feel. Now I am on my way to visit your cousin.

Well, work first, then the visit!

:) Debi

elk said...

wow Les his work is so wonderful...very bold I like it. At least you have a brush in your not let anything stop you friend, you are 100% correct about the light on the wall...magic!

Char said...

I wish I had the talent to paint...but I don't. I tried a sketch today and

you are so talented - I can't wait to see what all you try.

Woman in a Window said...

You are so multi-talented. To have an ounce of what you have, I would feel terribly gifted. Gorgeous pictures as they always are. Such a special eye you have.

Woman in a Window said...

Your cousin's work reminds me somewhat of one of the group of seven's work. I'll be damned if I can remember which one. Something in the thick of it all. Beautiful work.

O. Joy said...

What a wonderful post.... & great quotes. Kind of needed to see something like this today as I have been in quite a funk as I plan to close my photography business.

Gayle said...

Being able to paint and draw is a mystery to me. I so admire people that have the ability to create something amazing with paint or pencil. I love the way you describe your desire to experiment with painting styles! You go, girl!

kath said...

what an interesting concept ... we could apply that to lots of things couldn't we - do it once, and then again and then a third time with abandon and a bigger brush ... for some reason I picture that scene from jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger brush!" ;-)

Relyn said...

What a talented family you have. Not fair. Not fair.


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