Friday, June 29, 2012

hot / really hot

L - screen cap / T - iphone

It's going to be hot hear in Atlanta this weekend, but it's going to be really hot in Athens. And Taylor and I are planning on doing some of her moving this weekend. It's going to be brutal so I sent her a screen capture of the weather forecast. Meanwhile she sent this picstitch image... looks like they're already feeling it. / we're all passed out.


ELK said...

take care ..drink lots of water !! cute images!

Relyn said...

It got to 103 already here. That's WAY TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Georgianna said...

Hi Leslye, I hope your temps have cooled off by now. These photos really show how miserable it must have been for all concerned.

You visited my blog awhile back and I wanted to say I really appreciate you stopping by and your thoughtful comments. I have been traveling so much and am way behind but slowly catching up on responding.

Hope your summer is going well. All the best, Georgianna


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