Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year to all

L - iphone / T - Nikon

If it didn’t Bring you Joy,

Just Leave it Behind.

Let’s Ring in the New Year

With Good Things in Mind.

Let Every Bad Memory Go

That Brought Heartache and Pain.

And let’s Turn a New Leaf

With the Smell of New Rain.

Let’s Forget Past Mistakes

Making Amends for This Year.

Sending You These Greetings

To Bring you Hope and Cheer

Happy New Year!

-Author Unknown


Jakki said...

Oh my...that speaks to my soul...

"if it didnt bring your joy
just leave it behind"

ELK said...

what a great poem LEslye's to another wonderful year of blogging and life !!

margie said...

listening to those words in my head. perfect!


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