Monday, November 7, 2011

not rain / not snow

L- Nikon / T iphone

It's not the snow and it's not the rain that has kept us away. In fact, we've had an absolutely gorgeous Autumn season here in the south. The leaves are just at their peak this week and it's so frustrating to me that I don't have anything to show of it's beauty. I take in it's the gorgeous display of color in mind's eye every single day and it astounds me with it's beauty - blazing in the morning light and glowing in the evening light. I have an incredible 360 view from my office on the 18th floor and I'm amazed daily at the changing mosaic of color in the landscape. Believe me, there have been many clicks in my mind, fingers framing in the photo, eyes zooming in to details yet I have nothing to show - I wish I did. I wish I did.

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Line said...

I enjoy these pics anyway, here fall is divine too!


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