Saturday, November 12, 2011

inspired / inventive

L - Nikon / T- iphone

Inspired by a question that was posed to me yesterday I created this ring. I guess it's pretty obvious what the question was... but if you're wondering, my answer was yes. It's a very exciting thing, but also a somewhat scary change for me. I've known Keith for several years as a very close friend but not until recently did the bond become stronger and I think he sensed that I felt ready to make a more permanent life together. Letting go of my fears of change and looking at the whole instead picking at the little bits and pieces, I see that change can be good. And more importantly that love is really what matters. / i decided to be a little creative with my pizza toppings tonight. butternut squash, carmelized onions and goat cheese - strange... different... yet very good.

Will I design and create our wedding rings or go a more traditional route? I just don't know. There are no real plans just yet so I have no details to share but it's fun to think I can make my own rings if I wanted to.


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy, happy, best wishes to you both! I'm so pleased for you. xo

S. Etole said...

Yes, best wishes in full measure.

ELK said...

what a happy story .... delicious!!

Red Crow Arts Studio said...

I'm so excited for you!


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