Monday, August 8, 2011

me / her

T - Nikon / L - Nikon

I have lovely blue hydrangeas for hair and a orange butterfly flutters by. She has hair of feathers and a bluebird perches high.

I sit and watch as she draws - she doesn't hesitate with her stroke. She's confident with every mark - precise with the placement of her ink. I am in awe - amazed at her talent. But more than anything it is her enthusiasm and delight that brings me such happiness. When she sets her mind to something and has a vision, nothing will stop her. These portraits were started on Saturday and tonight, as I write this, both of them are complete. I wish I had just half the creative energy she's had this summer.


Anonymous said...

I love her style! I hope you'll share the finished portraits with us when they're complete.

ELK said...

really cool looking ..why must cats be right on top of everything!? silly Bunny

Jewels said...

Wow, that is awesome! You've both been busy lately...

S. Etole said...

What incredible talent!

Relyn said...


I have been a bit sad that Sloane is growing up so quickly. She's in fourth grade now and my heart aches a bit. Then, I read this post. And I am delighted that she is growing up and eager for days like you've shared with Taylor. Oh, life is so sweet.


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