Saturday, July 30, 2011

iced / nice

L - Nikon / T - Nikon

Whew, it's hot. Today T and I went to Athens to do a little clean up and decorating to her apartment. She hasn't been there all summer and it was a bit stuffy and hot inside but it didn't slow her down any. While she worked, I had my mind on that sample of iced coffee I got at Starbucks yesterday.
She's been so incredibly productive this summer. During her time home she has organized my basement (not a small task - in fact a huge task), made a new mannequin and decoupaged it, painted shelves, created a upholstered headboard for her bed, and after she organized my mom's fabric closet she found some fabrics that inspired her so she quilted her very first piece and made a pillow cover out of it. In addition, she shopped for and cooked the meals for our weekly meal with my parents all summer long. And she told me today that, before she goes back in a couple of weeks, she plans to sketch out the portraits she has wanted to paint of me, my mom and her (each separate paintings of us at age 20). I'm so very proud of her. So proud that she chose to make good use of her summer. And you know what? I think she is proud too - she told me today that it's been the best summer. Now that's a nice thing to hear.


Anonymous said...

She did have a productive summer, It sounds as if much of it involved doing for others which is lovely in one still so young.

I was thinking that she must be coming up on her senior year at school ... I could be wrong, but is she almost through with her program?

d smith kaich jones said...

i was kind of exhausted just reading about all she did this summer. :) what a wonderful heart she has, and so much energy, creative and otherwise. it sounds like y'all've had a wonderful summer.

:) (stay cool!)

S. Etole said...

Love the colors she chose for the pillow top ... and her giving heart.

Relyn said...

Oh, my friend. I have been following your mother/daughter adventures since Taylor first went off to college. So, I don't think it's too presumptuous of me to say that I am proud of her, too. And, Leslye. I am still inspired by the relationship you two share. Sending you wishes for much joy and togetherness in her last few weeks of summer.

beth said...

how special is she....what a great daughter !!
i can't imagine getting done what she accomplished...oh to be young again :)

Jewels said...

Very sweet girl!!!!!!!!!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

That was a wonderful, creative, productive summer!


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