Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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L - Scannograpy / T - Nikon

"Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the “atmosphere” of the things they live in and with. "
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Crazy synchronicity tonight.
A friend gave me these pretty purple tulips for Valentine's Day and when I got home tonight I noticed one of the flowers was bent. So instead of just throwing it away I decided to scan it for my scannography collection. I used some cracked textured paper for contrast. I love the grace this single flower has.
Taylor sent me a bunch of photos tonight from an abandoned house she had explored. To my amazement several of the photos where of the flowers I had given her for her birthday. I'm assuming she thought the contrast would be interesting. Or maybe she had seen the heart garland message I made that said "Realize that flowers create Paradise on earth." - one of the "54 Precious Keys to Happiness" I had found in an old book that I got at a Goodwill store. The author of the book suggested that to have flowers around the home bringing us happiness. I think that perhaps it does, don't you?


ELK said...

this is really an artist joy in cracked walls and beautiful blooms ...crooked and all!!

Line said...

gorgeous flowers these pictures are art.... and that house sounds great!!

S. Etole said...

they look like paintings ...

georgia b. said...

as i am such a fan of wright and his work, i LOVE this quote and this post!

that book sounds like such a cool treasure!

i was recently at an antique shop, and i found a great book that i could kick myself for not getting. it was called " 'so-and-so's' book of days"... "so-and-so" being the author, or compiler rather, of the book. each day of the year had one page devoted to it in the book. and each page was filled with inspirational writings such as poems. it was so way cool, and i'm so regretting not getting it. i just could not bring myself to pay $18 for it.

oh, well. i hope you keep posting many of the 54 precious keys. i would love to hear them all! you should to a series!

Char said...

i love the texture in both shots. your scannography is always beautiful and always reminds me of the smithsonian artist i saw once.

Relyn said...

Yes, it absolutely does. I don't succeed very often, but I try to keep flowers at home. When I manage it, I am always happier.

Jewels said...

love these flowers and that quote is great! I'm enjoying having flowers in the house this week to break up the dullness of Feb!


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