Friday, February 18, 2011

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"Express your unique creative spirit."

This is one of the keys to happiness. * Lately I have been expressing my creative spirit with new ring designs inspired by nature. This one is inspired by the gently-flowing creek I hike beside on the weekends at Big Trees Forest. / I believe Taylor expresses herself creatively partly through the clothes she chooses to wear. Putting items from thrift stores together in such a unique way. I love it.
/ the weather was perfect this past weekend and that was a very nice birthday surprise [: so on sunday we decided to take advantage of it and go visit our tried and true abandoned house. we hadn't been back for over a year and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. everything was mostly as we had left it – there was something comforting about that. something very settling about the presence of something that hadn't changed in over a year when i know that i definitely have changed from year 20 to 21. this week we've had such warm temperature which makes me a little sad since i have so much studying to do. i would much rather be outside enjoying the sun! but spring will come soon and i'll get my chance.

*I found a book at the Goodwill store titled "Choosing Happiness" by Alexandra Stoddard. I just picked it up by chance and started flipping through because I saw highlighted quotes that I thought would be good for the heart garland I was making for Taylor. So I bought it. Later I found at the back of the book was a list of 54 keys to happiness. I liked them so much I decided to keep the book intact and to copy the key phrases in order to create 54 hearts - each one having one key to happiness - one a week for a year. Georgia B. suggested I do a series using the 54 Precious Keys to Happiness. I think that is a good idea. do you?


ELK said...


a wonderful way to spend a birthday ..and a weekend afternoon~

S. Etole said...

sounds like a great idea ...

your rings call my name!

Line said...

I love these pictures very creative girls!!!!

Relyn said...

Hmmmm... I think it ate my comment. I was just saying that I love the way you choose to live. The way you create beautiful, heartfelt things. I love that.

Jewels said...

that is a very cool idea for 54 weeks... love your creativity!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

I love the idea!

These images are great. It looks like your ring is floating above the moss.


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