Sunday, April 4, 2010

vibrant / full of life

solo post - L, Nikon

"Hail in the Spring, a start of new beginnings.
Creativity awe-inspiring gives a reason to be living.
Plant life showing life anew, a wonder to be found.
New born lambs playing in the fields, birds nesting all around
People enjoying the sun and the warmth, feeling good to be alive.
Spring gives a purpose to our lives, a touch of Paradise."
- Kay M. Sutton, Bring in the Spring

I hope everyone had a marvelous Easter. This time of year it just really feels great to be alive doesn't it? There's hope and new beginnings all about us. Flowers that bloom, children with bright smiles on their faces, birds singing and preparing their nests, warm sun that embraces us, trees sprouting a vibrant green soon to give us shade - all these things bring us happiness.
I have to say I had a wonderful weekend - there were these things and more that brought a smile to my face... a road trip, a baby pig, a slobbery giraffe tongue, a butterfly flittering on my arm, a field of sweet scented daffodils, pecan spoon bread, a thrift store find, a new and beautiful book, a bike ride on gently curving pathway, a trickling stream, turtles sunbathing, finding the perfect Easter egg for my mom, harp music at church this morning, and last of all bird watching from my hammock. I felt exhilarated this weekend. I'll tell you later where I went. What about you - did you spend the weekend doing something special?


S. Etole said...

such pretty colors in both images ... enjoyed the time with family

Addicted to The Click said...

So pretty...
That top one catches me completely and wow! Love the focus on that one special tulip!

Gayle said...

That sounds like a really fun weekend! We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the lovely spring weather!

Line said...

spring is my favorite season, so alive, lovely shots again!!

ELK said...

i just enjoy the tone of this duet ..i love is a joy filled time as you show here!

CE Webster said...

Spring is my favorite--beautiful tulips.

smith kaich jones said...

this post is so full of happy! love it! and those tulips which are all kinds of happy, "arms" reaching for spring. thank you!

:) Debi


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