Thursday, July 9, 2009


solo post - L
I took a sip of tea tonight and was instantly transported back to an adobe-style B&B in Cortez, CO in the middle of the McElmo Canyon. Isn't it wonderful how a taste or smell can take us back to another place and time? Several summers ago, my best friend and I traveled in New Mexico from Albuquerque up through Chaco Canyon up to the Four Corners across Colorado to Mesa Verde and back down through Taos to Santa Fe. What an amazing trip that was - so many new things to see out there. I can't quite describe the feeling I had the morning this photo was taken It was around 6:30 in the morning that I got up to hike, the air was cool and the sweet grass scent strong. I just felt a peace.
There was a black tea I had there at the B&B called Taste of Summer and I enjoyed it so much. I saved one of the tea bags so that I could remember the name in hopes of finding it at home. The tea, a blend of strawberries, oranges, and marigolds - now that's summer isn't it? I couldn't find the tea in the stores so I searched online. I ordered several boxes. T fell in love with it as well. For weeks after she got home this summer she reminded me, "mom order more of our taste of summer". Just this week my new shipment of tea came in. We're happy. She'll probably take it all back to school with her. I better hide myself a box.


Anonymous said...

It's usually a smell that does it for me.

I bet that was an amazing trip...I spent some time in Taos and I'll never forget the sky driving there from the airport. Dark clouds gathered heavy and low, but so beautiful in the a painting...I had to roll down the window so I could feel the shift in the pressure as I drove into it. The heat of that day and the smell of that storm stays with me.
I was on my way to fulfill a dream I'd had since college when I'd read, Writing Down The Bones.
I was driving to Taos to attend a writing workshop with Natalie Goldberg and the storm and location created the perfect transition as I left my corporate life for a week and shifted for a short while to the writing life I envisioned somewhere in my future.

Char said...

oh, a road trip with the girls is always the most wonderful thing. I have a friend Mel and we have wonderful adventures together. The tea sounds like the perfect summer sipper.

beautiful shots

elk said...

that is a really special part of the US ~ hide your tea from T

Gayle said...

I love NM. Back before we had kids, and when my husband would fly, we spent a week in NM. It was so wonderful! That tea sounds amazing,too!

Woman in a Window said...

Now, there is a tea I might be able to enjoy. Sounds hardly adult to me.

Smells are gifts that keep a peace of

Claire said...

l, i love when you reminisce in this space. you take me with you on the journey.

margie said...

the little things are so important. ordering tea, two minutes, enjoyment, endless.

georgia b. said...

that sounds like wonderful relaxing trip. the description of that tea makes me think it is something i would definitely enjoy. i just love tea. i need to drink it more. i forget.

i love how smells or tastes can take you back somewhere so easily.

Relyn said...

Are you completely loving Molly's book?


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