Wednesday, July 29, 2009

jumping frogs / jumping color

solo post - L , you really need to click on the image to see it better.
Taylor has been busy painting furniture and packing up for the move this weekend. Sorry she has been absent from the blog lately.
Today I got the sweetest thank you card from my niece. She is always so thoughtful and remembers to write her "thank you's" without even being told by her mother. Sometimes she just draws a picture and sends us a letter just because. I love that – I love getting mail. She is about the only one who I get snail mail from. Such a sweet girl. Her brother is very thoughtful as well. We stayed at my cousins river house after the reunion and the children wanted to draw a big "thank you" (using the 3D chalk I gave them) for her to see when she came home. They were sorry she wouldn't have the 3D glasses to look at with – said the colors really jumped out at you when you had the glasses on. My cousin was delighted when she saw and hoped it never rained and washed it away. Don't you think children's art is the best? I wish I had saved every precious drawing T created? As the years go by, the marks of her innocent mind become even more treasured.


Char said...

fun shots - I know you've loved having your girl home. ahhh, the end of summer.

i love snail mail

elk said...

oh what beautiful cards she made...the green frog so cute! my college senior is starting the rustle of packing too...sigh

SE'LAH... said...

what fun.

hope you are both enjoying your summer.

Relyn said...

Three D chalk?? How cool! I do love snail mail, too.


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