Monday, June 8, 2009

inspire / admire

L - scannography / T - Nikon

She wore it in her hair, then brought it home to me. T knew that I would like to scan this – a pink lace hydrangea to add to my scannography collection. I need to add some new work to my shop – this inspires me. / he picked some flowers for me, i wove them in a band of grass and wore it in my hair. we listened to fleet foxes, drank in the sun and talked. it was good to see him.


Char said...

gorgeous shots both...and i love t's description - so beautiful

Puna said...

There's nothing so romantic as flowers in the hair. Beautiful~

Georgia B. said...

precious post. so short and sweet but so effective and artistic!

i love fleet foxes! sounds like a wonderful time. i miss young love.

leslye, i'm not familiar with what a scannography is. i've heard of them and seen them, but not sure what they are exactly. would you share that with us in a post some time? i'd love to hear.

tami said...

gorgeous flowers - sweet post - i love hydrangeas - my yard to way too sunny for them to grow well.

Gayle said...

So beautiful!

Jaime said...

Drank in the sun.
Love that.
Love the flowers too.


Woman in a Window said...

That band of flowers was homemade, made by the hand of friend? You women constantly inspire me.

Relyn said...

I do love your scannography projects. Really love them.

And those words, that poem of a post. Did Taylor write them? WOW!

elk said...

catching up with you and this touched speak such a language


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