Wednesday, August 8, 2012

minimal / optimal

T- iphone/ T-iphone

It was a rough last week - as far as sleeping arrangements went.
Taylor went from sleeping in her nicely furnished apartment to having to sleep on the floor on her mattress with nothing but her computer and a small table, then because the landlord wouldn't let her stay through the end of finals, and commencement, she had to sleep in her sleeping bag in her empty apartment for two nights. A girl offered her empty house so that Taylor wouldn't have to pay for a hotel for the last week. But what Taylor didn't know was that it no furniture at all, had no cell service and the water didn't work. She stayed there one night in her sleeping bag on the floor but had to move into a hotel for the last few days until commencement so that she could sleep well and be ready for finals. All this while having to study for finals.


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