Friday, September 23, 2011

daydreaming / dreamy sleep

L - iphone / T - iphone

...and Autumn is officially here. My favorite time of the year. I get so anxious for the season to begin, with it's cooler temperatures and bluer skies, and to walk amongst the crunching of leaves... to wrap in blankets, to eat chili and drink hot teas... to marvel at the colors on every leaf, to roast marshmallows and warm my feet(s).

what do you look forward to in the coming of autumn?


Line said...

day dreaming cool pics for dreamy fall days!

S. Etole said...

Both such cozy curl-up-and-enjoy- autumn scenes.

ELK said...

how comfortable ..long for rain...

Relyn said...

Oh, there is so much I love about autumn. I think my favorite thing is just the crisp, clear, clean air.


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