Sunday, April 17, 2011

running / soaring

L - Nikon / T - Canon

"Keep the child in you alive. " - 54 precious keys to happiness

(sorry for the repeat of the last one - it just seemed appropriate for these photos. After all, it is an important one and worth hearing again, right?)

Evee just turned 12 on April 6th. Pretty old for a dog but you'd never know it in the way she behaves. She still has puppy energy. I love to see her running like the wind, ears flapping, loving the warm sun and cool breezes of springtime. / with two weeks left of school and breezy weather, we decided it was a great day to fly a kite. unfortunately the dollar store two for one kites weren't all that reliable, but my friend has some sort of kite whispering abilities that made hers soar. i gave up and decided that all i could do was document, but i vow to get better soon, in the sun and freedom of summer.


giftsofthejourney said...

We've been having great kite flying days here too and even the old dogs that I rarely see out are enjoying the village green.

ELK said...

sam is 12 too! these two together really tell a spring story!!

Jewels said...

Well, that made me smile :)

Char said...

i've been thinking about it being perfect kite flying weather. the perfect kinds of spring activities

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

What great spring images! Our beagle, Polly, will turn 12 in August!

Jaime said...

When was the last time I flew a kite? Wayyyy too long ago!
Happy belated to Evee! xo


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