Wednesday, March 23, 2011

purple jelly beans / pink pom poms

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"Make keen use of your five senses and become a sensualist." - 54 precious keys to happiness

I was keenly aware of my five senses today as I sat outside and ate my lunch. I looked around at the colorful world around me - yellow tulips, pink pompom cherry blossoms, white and purple pansies, the green green grass and the beautiful blue sky - colors matching the sweet and chewy jelly beans I had as a snack. A bird sang and I couldn't place it's song. A cool breeze was blowing, that mixed with the warm sunshine, brought a tingle to my spine . It gusted at times whipping up a mist from the waterfalls that cooled my skin and blew around in swirling delight the soft pink petals of the cherry tree that landed in piles like pink snow. It was a delightful day to be outside.
What excited your senses today?


Jewels said...

Oh wow, can't wait to feel/hear/smell that! Here we had some glittering frost on the trees, it was dark as I went to work so I kind of missed most of it. I heard with my ears how beautiful it was though :)

Jaime said...

The world is exploding with colour these days...isn't it wonderful? It's about time!
Happy Spring to you, my friend. xoxo

ELK said...

sounds like a very wonderful lunch!! i relish a cool breeze and warmth of the sun..and a handful of jellybeans for good measure

Mary said...

Ooo, spring has really sprung for you there! There was a fresh breeze and sunshine here today, and the sound of birds... :)

Happy Spring to you!

d smith kaich jones said...

color here - all pink & white & warm skies which have their own particular shade of blue and dogwood blossoms on the sidewalk. it feels as if i've almost missed the coming of spring, but i haven't. i woke up.


Natasha said...

You are a lovely writer. Here we have snow but it is slowly melting. I cannot wait until we get some color and the flowers start showing their pretty faces again!

Relyn said...

Another perfect pairing.

For your question:
The thing that felt best to me today was an enormous hug from one of my students.
The thing that sounded best to me today was my own voice as I sang along with some of my favorite blues.
The thing that looked best to me today was the birds perching in the neighbor's tree.

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

I can't wait for spring to get here! We had a very cold wind and snow on the ground today. Blech!

dawn said...

visiting your blog delighted my senses today! what a beautiful place to visit. and i see that you are in either atlanta or athens? i lived in athens for 10 years....still visit frequently too....

Char said...

today it was the limes of brand new leaves, the taste of chicken tacos and the scent of lemons


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