Friday, December 17, 2010

thankful / relieved

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This past week was crazy busy - two very late nights at work - working til midnight. But Wednesday night was especially bad. Not only were we having to work late but the weather was bad. We were hearing stories of how dangerous the roads were getting due to dropping temperatures on top of an earlier rain - the roadways were covered with black ice. So many accidents that the police had reported they would not respond unless there were injuries. But we stayed - we had to get the work done. When I went out after midnight to get in my car it was frozen solid and I couldn't get in no matter how I tried. My dad had to come pick me up. But I sure am thankful - I'm in my 50s and my dad is still watching out after me. There were a lot of stories the next day about the problems people had getting home - ending up in ditches and curbs; abandoned cars; having to ride marta; 2 hour drives; many detours, etc but at least everyone arrived safely. I like the winter but sometimes the weather can bring dangerous conditions. I hope you will all be safe out there this season. / "really, bunny? i go away for ten minutes to make coffee and you've already assumed your typical inconvenient position on top of whatever i'm doing? you look so proud of yourself too.." my finals are finally over and i'm so relieved. athens is so odd, but very peaceful, with everyone gone for the holidays. most people have skipped town the second their exams are over, but i'm taking some time to myself to get some christmas shopping finished and read at the very not-crowded coffee shops. but i won't lie- i'm excited to come home for the holidays.


ELK said...

you make me laugh cat does the same thing..not even waiting until i leave !! Leslye that sounded like a harrowing AND driving..glad you are safe!!

smith kaich jones said...

there is something about this combination of images that touches me. cold/warm, maybe. absolutely lovely.

and SO glad you are okay, leslye. thank goodness for dads!


Relyn said...

I love this story. Your dad sounds as precious as mine. It just warms my heart to think of him still taking care of you. And being happy to do it, no doubt.

Jaime said...

Is that frost on your window?? It looks like thousands of tiny winter fairies taking flight!


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