Wednesday, June 2, 2010

road tripping

L - iphone / T - iphone

Well it wasn't a true 'road trip' where you take the back roads, having no agenda and stopping whenever something catches your eye - we love those kind. But it was a nice and relaxing trip. We went down to Pensacola to visit Taylor's grandparents and that is like a plush holiday - eating at great restaurants and chillin by the poolside eating watermelon. The weather cooperated with us - it rained and thunderstormed each morning and in the middle of each night but was nice during the day - perfect - the sound of rain to lull us to sleep and sun in the day to play. It sure was nice to have the extra day off for Memorial Day. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday. I'll post more later.


Gayle said...

That sounds like a wonderful road trip to me!

Char said...

glad you got to see it before the oil came in.

and a road trip is always a perfect time to me.

georgia b. said...

this is the best!

ELK said...

what a perfectly amazing diptych ..yay for summer and the open road!!

Relyn said...

See? You know how to savor. Even the weather fills you with appreciation. I love that about you.


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