Thursday, May 6, 2010

fictional / historical

L - Nikon / T - phone pic

I just finished a book title "The Great Man" - the story of a fictional 20th-century New York figurative painter and the women he left behind. It was a book I picked up in our work library to read while having lunch one day. It keep my interest enough to take it home and finish it. It was an enjoyable read but I don't do a good job of reviewing books so I'll let you read about it here. / i think this looks pretty familiar to a picture that was on the blog last year- the infamous art history notecards. i really do enjoy the subject of art history, i just wish that it was more specific to art i was interested in. it's tough to be enthralled by a clay jar or the remnant arm of a statue sometimes. but it'll all be over with tomorrow at noon! and then i'll be able to take upper level art histories, maybe even the history of photography!


Jewels said...

beautiful images!

georgia b. said...

lovely pairing.

l, i am so not a reader, and i have rarely finished a book in my life, so i won't even bother checking out the book, although it sounds interesting. i just know if i were to get the book to read it {as i have many times upon recommendation of a good read}, i won't finish it. in fact, i'll barely get started.

t, i had to take two art history classes in college. all i can say is... z.z.z. : )

i agree with you, if i could have studied only the kinds of art that moved me, it would have been a lot more interesting of a class. but i'm still glad i had the exposure. in fact, as i grow older, my tastes change, and there are now types of art that i enjoy that i probably did not in college, so i'm glad i paid at least some attention in class... well, for that reason, and for the reason that it kept me from failing.

ELK said...

almost done T..I am so glad for you!!i love this pair of photos for their sameness yet different..Happy Sunday /Mothers Day ...enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post. those photos are sublime.

have a great day :)

xo Alison

Christina said...

sounds good. and the photos are just beautiful.

margie said...

what a perfect match of photos.

Char said...

beautiful pairings. i miss my art classes so much. there is just not enough of that around here.

Relyn said...

I love this fantastic pairing. And, Leslye, this image of yours is completely wonderful!!

Jaime said...

Oh, the history of photography..that would be so interesting! I am still in awe that we can capture moments in time inside a little rectangle that look so real to life. Such a brilliant invention.


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