Thursday, February 11, 2010

received / given

photos by L

Today I received a cute little valentine "flower" (one of the guys here made them for everyone). It reminded me of Valentine's day growing up. I always loved Valentine's day as a child - the giving and receiving of homemade cards and candy gathered in "mail" boxes decorated with hearts of all sizes. I remember in first grade I had a little boyfriend who delivered a heart-shaped box of chocolates to my house. It made me feel so special. Through the years there was rarely that special someone to share Valentine's day with but it didn't really matter, I truly did enjoy the making and giving of gifts more. It's still true today. So in the spirit of younger years, this year I made my co-workers a little special valentine ball filled with candy and placed it on their desks. I hope it will make them smile and remember their childhood days of getting that cute little card with the bumble bee on it saying, "Honey Bee Mine"./
every year at my middle school we would make little mailboxes for valentines that other people in the class would give out- conduits for candy if you will. i remember one year that i made an awesome box that looked like fluffy white couch and on top of it i put two valentine bears that my nana had given me. i always had the most "artsy" box in the class because my mom and oma would always help me out. i think i still have the box somewhere. but it's funny how what i remember from that valentine's day celebration, and almost every one in grade school, is making the box with my mom, not any of the little gifts i might have received or words that were exchanged.


Gayle said...

A very sweet post today! L - I love that you made valentines for your co-workers. T - I love that your memories of valentines are of making the boxes with your mom.

Char said...

my most vivid memories of the day are covered shoeboxes and red lollipops.

great memories

S. Etole said...

what sweet memories ...

ELK said...

yes it is the time spent at that table with someone special ...creating

Relyn said...

OH, I loved reading Taylor's memories. Love it.

You did good, Mom. Real good.


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